This is you

You’re a successful entrepreneur and you don’t need a coach. You’re strong enough to progress on your own. That’s good to hear. Good luck.

And if you’re honest with yourself?

You’re a successful entrepreneur and you don’t need a coach… says the voice in your head. You’re strong enough to progress on your own. Engaging a coach is a sign of weakness. Who’s saying this? 

Mute that voice. If you can really do that, you will know no limits. Only the limits you’ve created in your imagination. And which limit you daily in your thinking and doing, in your business life and free time. 

The world can be your oyster. Stop getting in your own way. Step away from your comfort zone and break barriers. Let me know when you’re ready for the confrontation with yourself. And with me.

10 imperatives for a NO LIMITS life

1. Stop wanting.

One day you’d like to… one of these days… honestly?
That’s not going to happen.
Make a choice and act now.

2. Stop dreaming.

Dreams are wonderful. But they’re just in your head.
And they’ll stay there until you transform them into a project and actually do something with them.

3. Go for growth.

You always have a choice. If you do nothing, nothing will change. If you take a risk, you will feel uncomfortable but eventually you will move forward.

4. Say it and do it.

Be honest with others. But above all, be honest with yourself. Fooling yourself is the same as
holding yourself back.

5. Deal with the circumstances.

It’s easy to blame someone or something else.
But that’s not what powerful entrepreneurs do.
Take responsibility.

6. Don’t procrastinate.

You won’t achieve your goals by just thinking about them. Decisiveness achieves goals.
Don’t beat about the bush, do it now.

7. Be focused.

Divided attention is wasted attention. It doesn’t achieve anything. Focus on the one action that will make a difference now.

8. Take control.

You are in control your own life.
Nobody else.
Stop being a victim of circumstances.
You decide and you do what you must do.

9. Turn knowledge into action.

You know a lot. About your own discipline.
About the road to success.
But that knowledge only becomes valuable
if you turn it into powerful actions.

10. Complete key actions.

Some of your actions won’t produce results.
But your key actions will take you closer to
your goal. Spend your time on those key actions.

What I did

I was a serial entrepreneur who devised business concepts, started up companies, ran them and then sold them again. By trial and error, since 2006. I am still co-owner of some of these companies to this day.

What I do

I am a business coach with a solid track record as an entrepreneur. I mentor entrepreneurs and executives who are prepared to do the work. And who are firmly committed to making the shift to a NO LIMITS life.

You choose:
yes or no?

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